Vidnami Review: Best Video Making Software For Youtube

Hey, it’s Alex here. Welcome to my Vidnami Review. Today I want to tell you about one of the best video creation software for YouTube. It’s called Vidnami (former Content Samurai).

I’ve been using it for a year and what I like most about this tool is that I don’t have to show my face on the screen, and even don’t have to use my voice and still create stunning videos.

The great thing, you can try it for FREE for 14 days.


What’s this online video editing software all about?

video editing softwareVidnami (or Content Samurai) is video editing software that complete newbies can use and make wonderful videos in a short time.

It’s totally beginner friendly, so you don’t have to be an expert to create videos.

Everything is online, so there is no need to download anything.

This software has been around since 2015 and is constantly upgraded with new features.

All other programs, for example, Adobe Premiere Pro and Vegas Studio, take a long time to learn and most people do not have the time to do it. So, the best choice is Vidnami. It will create wonderful and professionally looking videos in a matter of minutes.

Why Should You Choose Vidnami for Video Marketing?

It comes with everything you need for making professional videos:

  • Royalty Free images
  • Royalty Free videos
  • Background music
  • Video templates
  • Automated human sounding voices

But what’s really good about it is that Vidnami can automatically choose images and background videos for you.

How To Make Videos For YouTube With Vidnami?

You can watch my video review on Vidnami (former Content Samurai).

It’s very easy to do.

Just login to your account and click – Create a new video.

Then, you can choose what type of video you want to make. There are six options:

Content video (from an article or a blog post)

  1. Influencer video
  2. Instant ad video
  3. Course/Training video
  4. Property video
  5. Vertical video templates for Tik Tok.

Then choose your preferred format – landscape or square.
I usually create videos for YT using different articles, so I choose the first option.


Choose your desirable template. There is a huge number of them. And click – Use this template.

video making software

On the next screen, you can just paste your article. But make sure that your script has complete sentences, ending with full stops. This is important if you choose the text to speech technology. The automated voice will read the whole script as one sentence, so to make it sound really natural, put commas where it’s necessary.

Pay attention to the Advanced options where you can choose how to structure your slides.

The following are the options you can choose from:

  • Automatically fit text to layout
  • One scene per sentence
  • One scene per paragraph
  • One scene per phrase

And there are also some more options:


Now just click on the button Create Scenes For Your Video and Vidnami will take care of the rest.

On the next screen you can edit your scenes. You can choose video backgrounds or images depending on the keyword.

If you are satisfied, continue to the voice part.

There are four options:

  1. No voice track (Music only)
  2. Auto-voice
  3. Record your voice track
  4. Upload a voice track

If you don’t want to record your own voice, just select one of the auto-voices. There are 14 voices. I like Heidi (USA) and Jack (Australia). They sound really human.

voices in vidnami

Then you can a music track from thousands of royalty free music.

Click Preview and Vidnami will generate the video for you.

Then you can take a look at the preview.

You can even add a watermark to your videos. Once you are ready, click continue and then generate your video.

Vidnami Review: Who Is It For?

This software can be used by everyone, but mostly it is for internet and affiliate marketers. However, as it’s really easy to use, I recommended it to anyone starting out in video creation.

It is suitable for:

  • Internet marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social marketers
  • YouTube marketers
  • Small business owners

I have been using Vidnami for some time, and I am really satisfied. Here is one video I made with this software. Check it out!

Here is an example of a video you can create:

Vidnami Review: Pricing and Where to Buy It

You can give it a try for free for 14 days with all the features, after which you can update to a paid subscription. You can also keep all your created videos. Just download them to your computer.

If you decide to buy Vidnami software, you can choose between two plans. It costs $47 per month, or $397 for a year, where you save $168 in total. So, it’s the best price.


But you can get 25% OFF for life TODAY!


If you choose a paid version through my link, just contact me and you’ll get 7 premium trainings. Hit me at pan198412 @

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If you want to reach bigger audiences, making videos is a necessity. People are viewing more videos than ever, and making videos that bring you views and make money is essential if you want to make it in the online marketing world.

In my opinion, Vidnamii is a great video editing software. It is easy to use, and you can create great-looking videos in a short time. These functions make it an outstanding choice for beginners and those more advanced.

If you are an online marketer, or simply somebody who wants to make amazing videos for fun, this software is right for you.

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