Rebuke the Wind Novel Review

Rebuke the Wind gets you behind the headings and into the African bush, into the Sahel where the world’s most deadly Islamist group Boko Haram has terrified a big swath of Africa for nearly twenty years.

All earnings made from the sale of this book go straight to one of a few charities in Cameroon, Africa. To buy more than one copy, use the “purchase book” link one at a time for each purchase and type in the e-mail of each different recipient on the order form.

About the Book

Impressive in its scope, the book starts in France, moves through the United States, Iraq, Morocco, Nigeria and Cameroon to sweep into the Arab gulf and the source of horror financing. At the heart of the story is Isa, an amazing 14-year-old who, having been seized by Boko Haram, resists the terrorists with her own escape and her rescue of a Frenchman likewise imprisoned.

The novel provides a stunning picture of her bravery, faith and determination as she faces relatively difficult odds. Giving texture to the story are brave United States, UK and Indian personal security groups, apparently soulless kid soldiers of Boko Haram, corrupt Nigerian military, Saudi terrorist investors, Kenyan money-launderers and the global politics of fear.

Rebuke the Wind is a homage to individuals of the Sahel, especially the young women, victimized by Boko Haram and mostly not known to Western readers. Its style is easy and quick, convenient to adult and adolescent readers.


I have actually experienced the real-life drama of captive taking up close. Rebuke the Wind not just carried me back in time however throughout the Atlantic to experience a next level captive drama playing out in Africa. It is a captivating, edge of your seat reading that leaves readers cheering on the captives as their drama strongly plays out, page after page.

Bryan Bowers, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Tactical Team Officer (ret.).

“Rebuke the Wind earnings will straight support young women training and empowerment programs in Cameroon, Africa. Isa is the embodiment of an usual young African female strength part in the midst of crisis; determined to end it for peace, neighborhood advancement and worldwide well being. The SODEIT Team salutes Trip and every Rebuke the Wind audience whose investment will support young women education, empowerment in Cameroon, Africa”.
– Suliaman Turay, Cameroon.

“Trip Mackintosh’s state-of-the-art luster shines in brand-new and unanticipated ways with this work of art, Rebuke the Wind. Mr. Mackintosh’s law background in corruption and substantial research studies in remote locations of Africa learning bush craft produced the foundation for this abundant cultural experience. Just an accurate understanding of the political, historic, and cultural environment of South West Africa was able to make such totally refined characters. Isa is my new personal hero”.
– Carrie Spanton, U.S.A..

“My most significant fascination was the precise representation of the gorgeous Sahara culture as it is a big part of my identity, however my connection with the book didn’t stop there”.
– Roula Abdulhai, Syria.

“Liked this book a hell of a lot! After beginning to read, the participation and feelings are so strong that you can not stop till the end”.
Marco Saroglia, Turin, Italy.

Who This Book Supports

This is more than a fast-moving African thriller; it is a dedication to these girls and their relatives. Every dollar that would go to the author will go straight to one of many charities in Cameroon to support these girls. In generous assistance of this effort, Clickbank has actually waived all of its hosting charges.

Book sale earnings will go to Teen Mother Empowerment in Cameroon. If sales be successful in filling this project’s requirements, we will choose another comparable Cameroon charity vetted by GlobalGiving.

Your purchase will have a genuine effect. Marlena Hartz, Director of Marketing & Communications at GlobalGiving wrote.

Meet Trip Mackintosh

Trip Mackintosh was an attorney who concentrated on anti-terrorist controls, United States laws on arms trafficking, corruption, cash laundering and sanctions. His work regularly included matters in Africa, to include the Sahel.

His passion of Africa started as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco (79-81). He has taken a trip thoroughly throughout the continent and has invested significant time in remote locations on foot and horseback. His experiences consist of training as a safari guide and individually tutoring on bush capabilities by a Bushman older in the Kalahari. He draws from this distinct background to offer readers an abundant, comprehensive picture of lives they may otherwise not be familiar with.

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