Moonlight Manifestation Review: How to Manifest Money And Life As You Sleep

Welcome to Moonlight Manifestation review. If you’re ready to earn more, live your passion and manifest the income you deserve, this Sound Journeying system is for you.

At first glance Moonlight Manifestation looks extensive and totally comprehensive. Like the creator tirelessly worked day and night for months bringing it to life. Like he’s spent over $11,000.00 of his own money on its development. Like he’s sweated every tiny detail to ensure Moonlight Manifestation works flawlessly.

And well, that’s all 100% true! At the same time it’s so much easier than it looks.

Simply listen before bed or start the journey as you close your eyes. ALL the work happens for you as you sleep.


Moonlight Manifestation Review: How Does It Work?

The program starts with just TWO main Sound Journey’s. Each encoded with 32 levels of Vibrational Layering.

The first is called “Abundance Rising”. This journey is where we set your “Magic Number”. The amount of income that changes everything for you.

Simply listen and watch as your Moonlight Window opens and your storybook happy ending is written into your subconscious. That’s all there is to it!

Next is the most powerful Vibrational Layering Sound Journey. It’s called The “Divine Block Dissolver.”

This is where you set your subconscious to work, clearing all obstacles keeping you from reaching your dream income.

Old fears, limiting beliefs, and traumas holding you back disappear. Each morning you’ll wake up bursting with energy, feeling lighter, like a weight has lifted off your shoulders.

All the work is done for you in your sleep! In fact so much transformative power is packed into these two journeys alone. They’re all you need to manifest your dream income.

And they’re just the beginning of what’s to come.

What’s Inside Moonlight Manifestation?

Moonlight Manifestation includes three full sound journey SERIES.

# 1: The Income Manifestation Series

The Abundance Rising and The Divine Block Dissolver are the centerpieces of this series. Plus there are 7 more sound journeys that are 100% life-changing.

What normally takes someone a lifetime to discover about themselves, you’ll discover literally overnight.

It all starts with the nap time sound journey.

  • “Pure Presence”: In just minutes, you’ll upgrade your vibration. When you wake others will feel drawn to your beaming presence.
  • The “12D Self Activator”: Flip on your UNIQUE energetic signature you were put on this Earth to RADIATE.
  • The “Soul’s True Purpose Akashic Journey” – discover your highest mission – what you were born to do starting overnight.
  • Past Life Karma Clearing: let go of any generational blocks that keep you from manifesting money. So profound.

Finally… something really fun…

  • The “Overnight Signs” journey: Call in signs from the Universe to guide you on any question you ask during sleep.

Plus, there’s also the powerful money-boosting Quantum Wealth Activation and Money Blocks DNA Clearing journeys, designed to transform at the smallest quantum DNA level.

Yes… Moonlight Manifestation is groundbreaking. By tapping into the Moonlight Manifestation Window, you get to experience years… even decades of personal growth OVERNIGHT!

# 2: The Unstoppable Motivation Series

Awaken your “Warrior” and “Goddess” inner powers to feel your most confident, your most radiant, your most unstoppable.

Click play before bed to:

  • Eliminate procrastination.
  • Overcome fears.
  • Achieve “flow state”.
  • Boost confidence.
  • Clear blocks to receiving abundance.
  • Overcome childhood trauma.
  • Recharge chakra “POWER CENTERS.”

Say goodbye to “Self-Sabotage” because all your blockages are about to disappear forever as you sleep.

# 3: The Unlock Your Quantum Magic Series

Listen to these sound journey’s before bed & unlock enriching new talents.

  • Supercharge your memory.
  • Unlock your 3rd eye.
  • Upgrade speaking skills.
  • Unleash magnetic writing.
  • Even jump-start your IQ.

It all happens in your sleep. The bottom-line is Moonlight Manifestation is in-depth kind of like receiving 3 income boosting systems-in-one to transform EVERY area of your life.

How Much Does Moonlight Manifestation?

Originally, Moonlight Manifestation was meant to be as a big $1,000.00 course and $497 was a special member’s price. The real value is closer to $1,000.00.

But, when the crisis hit the new focus was on those needing to manifest money. So, a major price reduction was in order. Not just 10% off, not 50% off, not even 70% off would fit the scale of the crisis.

For a VERY limited time Moonlight Manifestation is offered for $55.5 the entire package.


Moonlight Manifestation Review: Bonuses

3 Additional Bonus Sound Journeying Series include:

1. The Dream Yoga Activation System.

The dream world is actually the REAL world and with the “Dream Yoga” sound journey you’re going to wake-up during dreamtime.

Imagine a dreamtime where you move, flip, fly and explore as you choose. Where you receive million dollar business ideas.

Where you connect with friends and family anywhere in the world. Where you meet the “Soul Partner” of your dreams in your dreams.

The Dream Yoga Activation System includes the “Dream Yoga Made Easy” guidebook. Inside, are my most empowering dream discoveries, plus a reference guide with the meaning of events you experience in dreams.

2. Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series.

Every Moonlight Manifestation sound journey harnesses uniquely tailored hypnotic language, words and phrases designed to perfectly communicate with the subconscious mind.

Inside this 6-part Sound Journey series, you’ll discover how to speak this “Language of the subconscious.” You can then use your mastery for healing yourself, friends & family or offer these “Subconscious programming sessions” as an extra income source.

Once others see your transformation, they’re going to be chasing after you wanting to know how you did it.

Many practitioners charge upwards of $250.00 for an hourly session. See 1 client per day and that’s an extra $1,750.00 per week.

3. Overnight Health Series.

During sleep, your body is hard at work renewing, revitalizing, repairing.

This series helps you awaken your body’s natural ability to HEAL during sleep, reveal the root cause behind health issues and clear stress patterns, even melt away unwanted weight.

Who Is It For?

Moonlight Manifestation is NOT for everyone. Over many years, many people hold a deep sense of unworthiness. And when it comes to spending money on themselves, on the future they want to manifest, they have what is called a “financial set point.”

So, the bottom-line is if you don’t feel deserving enough, if you haven’t had that self-love “aha moment”, no amount of savings – even $950.00 worth – will make a dime’s worth of difference.
But …

When you decide YES! I am worthy.

YES! I Am Deserving…

The Universe aligns with your new self-image and suddenly a world of infinite abundance opens to you. So, tune-in right now.

You have the guiding voice within you. Listen to that voice. I invite you to open the doors to the life you deserve.

When you join today, you’re immediately receiving the 2 main sound journeys: Abundance Rising and The Divine Block Dissolver along with all 6 complete series enough to explore for months.

Over the next year, you’re going to experience the greatest personal expansion of your entire life. plus, now you can listen to your Sound Journey’s anytime, anywhere as there is the Moonlight Manifestation “Sweet Dreams” listening app included for FREE.

Inside, it has everything you see on your screen now. Just click below to let yourself be instantly whisked away to the life of your dreams.


Moonlight Manifestation Review: Questions

Question #1: How quickly will I see results?

The short answer is that you will notice changes in your life literally within an hour of tapping into the Moonlight Manifestation Window. It’s almost like you are experiencing years or even decades of transformation in a single night.

The conscious, or “Ego” mind, flips off during sleep and your subconscious mind opens wide. No more interference. No more “inner critic.”

Vibrational layering removes any blockages that are holding you back. Negative emotions like fear, anxiety, worry, and all manifestation blocks.

You will trust the Universe deeper. You will let go of expectations and attachments. You will finally be able to set your manifestations in motion without any limitations.

Once the blocks have been removed, all your positive intentions for life will be “scripted” into you subconscious mind. You can transform what may have taken 10 years with personal growth techniques in a matter of minutes.

Question #2: I have struggled with manifestation in my past. Will this work for me?

YES. Moonlight Manifestation allows you to tap into powerful 2 A.M. manifestation portal. It’s a magical time when your Ego is off and your subconscious is open.

To reach this state, many meditate for decades. Some others fly to the Amazon Jungle to get a glimpse of this experience with sacred plant medicines.

Although you can achieve this altered state of transformation every night, it is safe, fun, and extremely fast. This is possible for anyone.

It is amazing to see the results when I share it with others. Other programs can work with your conscious mind on, but they still face resistance.

All resistance to Moonlight Manifestation is gone. All obstacles that held you back in the past vanish. You are bypassing the thinking mind.

Moonlight Manifestation works for you just like it did for many others.

QUESTION #3: I have been laid off in the global crisis, or had it with my current job. Moonlight Manifestation can help me create a new career or income stream that is higher-paying.

Yes, absolutely. The creator switched gears when the global crisis struck and millions were laid off, cut their hours, or forced to take a job that they didn’t like.

He has redesigned the program to help people BOUNCE BACK better than ever before.

The tracks “Abundance Rising”, and “The Divine Block Dissolver” will help you get past your financial limitations and manifest more income.

You’ll also receive dozens of sound journeys that will help you increase and grow your income.

Perhaps the most powerful is “Soul’s True Purpose Akashic Journey.” Simply listen to it before you go to bed or while you’re sleeping and you’ll tap into the Moonlight Manifestation Window. This will allow you to tap into your soul’s wisdom, to find your MISSION or PURPOSE of why you were incarnated on this planet.

You can be 100% confident for 60 days with the money back guarantee. You have two months to give Sound Journey a shot!

QUESTION #4: How often do I need the Sound Journeys to be listened to?

On your first night, the two main income-generating Sound Journeys, Abundance Rising or The Divine Block Dissolver, will work. You’ll immediately start to see and feel results.

You’ll find the Abundance Rising track where you can set your “magic number”, which is the income you desire. Listen to the first night.

For your first month, start listening to The Divine Block Dissolver nightly. You’ll be able to clear each block that stands in your way of manifesting your magic number one-by-one every night.

You can choose to take any of the Sound Journeys, or none at all. It’s up to you what you are most interested in. You’ll see a huge transformation in a matter of hours because all Sound Journeys use Vibrational layering technology.

You can now shift what would normally take you 10 years, in just hours.

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