inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Edition Review: Best Photo Editing Software

Hi, there. It’s Alex here. I hope you are doing well. Today, I am discussing inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro and two products which are included: inPixio Photo Cutter for changing backgrounds and creation of photo montages and Photo Eraser with which you can remove people and objects.

inPixio Story

But first I want to introduce inPixio the developer of Photo Studio 10. 8 years ago the inPixio team set out to do simple but effective photo editing software. Today the inPixio team is part of a global team Company based in Paris. They have developed a Photo Suite with which you get great results quickly. The inPixio team is also working on other exciting projects, especially tools for the online and mobile area. Today I am taking a closer look at two of most popular apps.


Main inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Edition Features

Background Eraser for Photos

Everybody has a picture with that complete stranger in the background, a vehicle driving by, or building behind us under construction.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get those undesirable images totally out of your image, remove your whole background, or perhaps alter your background to make it appear like you are in another place? Well now you can do all of it rapidly and easily with Photo Studio a background eraser & photo cutout software application.

Get rid of undesirable things like magic

Entirely remove backgrounds and undesirable items from your photo. Signs, wires, men and women, or any image that sidetracks you from what you are attempting to film.

The Erase function permits you to erase any item or individual from your photo whilst keeping its complete quality. The selection tool consists of an automated detection of colors that assists you retouch the picture.

Utilize the Erase function to retouch portraits too. Clear up small acnes and decrease the appearance of wrinkles-- much like the shiny publications do!

Remove in a couple of clicks

Cut out any detail, individual, object or landscape component from your images. Select the shape of the object thanks to the cursor. The Photo Studio algorithm runs immediately! This likewise works as a simple however precise background eraser.
You can utilize the "retention" cursor for crucial details to keep and get an effective picture cutout! Even fine details such as hair can be gotten rid of with remarkable accuracy. Then merely paste the cutout images onto any background to make collages or photomontages-- in simply 1-click!

inPixio ® One-Click Image Correction-- Pro version

Incredible images in simply one click-- utilizing 100% automated clever technology! Enhance the quality and the colors of your photos in less than 1 second with the help of our completely automated procedure. You no longer need to be a Photoshop specialist to make ideal images!

Perspective Tool - New!

This brand-new, automated correction tool permits you to straighten up facilities and structures that appear slanted when shot from a low angle. When taking a picture, you frequently get perspective distortion if there is insufficient range between the cam and the subject. Shots of structures are the most typical pictures requiring perspective adjustment.

Tilt-Shift and Soft Focus

Include horizontal soft focus (tilt-shift) to your images. This makes great mini effects that permit the focal object of your image to appear like a!

Text & Stickers tool

Pick from over 100 stickers and text design templates to include style to your images. This consists of original content for every single event (birthdays, greetings, invitations and so on) Templates are 100% adjustable so you can offer your messages an individual touch.

Color Effects (LUT)

Turn your photos into unique shots by utilizing styles worthwhile of an expert photographer. In simply 1 click, your initial image is changed and improved thanks to our choice of LUTs. You can likewise utilize this tool to import your own libraries or download and import free libraries from the Web.

Automatic Red-Eye Correction

This brand-new, 100% automated technology identifies faces in your pictures, and finds and fixes red eyes in a flash. Give a brand-new sparkle to your pictures or family photos from paper prints or slides.

inPixio Photo Studio: Photo Eraser

First, let’s take a look at Photo Eraser. The app removes people, objects and different elements in the background that you don't want in the picture, You can also edit and enhance the existing background. If something is not where you want it, you can remove it with Photo Eraser. You always work on an image. You can delete elements or reuse within the image to make changes. The other app from inPixio is Photo Cutter, which you can use to isolate objects and change entire backgrounds. Highlight the part of the picture that should be preserved.

You can then insert a new background. You can also use an object, a person or an element to isolate as a section and add to other images. There are also tools to add text or to use the previously created cutouts.

inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Demo

Let’s have a look at demo now. Start inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro. Click Photo Eraser to open it snd click Photo Cutter. Accordingly, the files last edited are displayed in the program. Open the file you'll be working with here.

Let's first take a look at where the tools are before we actually get into it. One tool is particularly important in photo editing, zooming. You can zoom in on images with the mouse wheel or zoom out.

Alternatively, you can also use the slider on the top right to zoom in and out the image. When you have zoomed in on the image and clicked, you can use the tools. Instead, you can move the mouse to the edge. Then the scroll bar will appear. Hold down the mouse button and slide it up or down.

This is how you can navigate your picture. You can click in the preview area to move around the picture. To do this hold down the left mouse button and drag it or click to jump to another area.

Now we come to the actual tools here in Photo Eraser. They are all arranged on the right. If you click on the crop tool, you can click the image cut to the desired dimensions. Underneath is the removal tool. It basically provides the main function in this app. This can be used, for example, to select and remove the woman.

Below is the tool for mending. This allows you to move different elements within the picture. For example, you can move the object to another place in the picture. And here is the copier stamp that you can use to paint over individual areas.

That was a quick tour of the tools in Photo Eraser. Now, let's look at Photo Cutter.

There is also a tool here for cropping. The navigation functions are almost identical to those in Photo Eraser.

Here is the cut tool, the most important thing in this app. This allows you to choose which areas should be removed and which should be kept. You can click access, various tools to insert new backgrounds or add cutouts that you have previously created.

How does inPixio Photo Studio 10 Work

Now we're going to use the apps. We'll start with the removal tool. This tool is based on an algorithm that pays attention to uniform colors. The best results are therefore achieved in an environment like this. For example, a woman is surrounded by blue. The blue is pretty uniform here. If you choose the woman to remove, the app knows that the area needs to be filled with a blue of this textur. Various tools can be used to select a woman. If you want to change the tool, you can cancel the selection with Ctrl Z. Let’s start with the rectangle selection tool. So can be good, choose simple things:

Hold down the left mouse button and drag it over the woman. If you let go, the woman is selected. I don't want to take the tool because so much is selected that should not be removed at all. It’s about getting the object to be removed as good as possible, isolate with the selection tool. So, I press Ctrl Z, Now I'll show you the two tools that I recommend for most tasks.

First, the polygon tool: This is my personal favorite. I zoom in. Why is this my favorite. With the polygon tool click and drag the cursor to create multiple straight lines. If you do that a little too quickly and is a little impatient to carefully outline, still, you don't have to worry. If your hand wobbles a little, I can somehow manage it, but you have a little less control over it because with every click you create an angle as shown here. Professional photo editors, probably, wouldn't do it that way.

But if you're just starting out and you're not that sure or if you want to get done with something quickly, you can still do it pretty. Well, I zoomed in. You will soon see why this is my favorite tool. I'll take the lasso tool anyway. Now she is completely isolated. Maybe you say: “All that clicking isn't particularly efficient, though”.

So, let's try the lasso tool. This is used to create the selection using freehand drawing. I hold down the mouse button and move the cursor. As you can see, it follows the outline perfectly. So, I zoom in and try to capture as many bubbles as possible. Now everything is selected.

Now, I'm going to show you the final aspect of Photo Eraser.

The tool for correcting the selection. If you click here, you can get the Change. The brush size for more control. Hold down the left mouse button to remove areas from the selection. This is useful when you have chosen too much. So, you can refine the selection very well and get it like here, just that one person. Now I am going to this area at the edge where the bubbles are. I want to include the bubble in the selection, but not that dark blue line. And now comes the deletion. The selection is ready. I click “Remove”' and the woman disappears from the picture Super. It can stay that way. I will save this because I want to use this background later.
Now I'll tell you when you shouldn't use the lasso tool. I click here and open another picture.

We will edit this picture and change a few areas. The trees are beautiful, but the car in front of the stairs here, I do not like it. That disturbs the overall impression. We take the removal tool and apply it to the background. I’ll try something now and show you why Lasso tool is not helpful here.

Here you have to choose a lot of right-angled areas. I zoom in to see it all. Then I click and move the mouse, but I don't have to hold down the mouse button. I click again in the right place and again on this corner. Now I'll do it a little faster and create angles, as I click with the lasso tool, you would have more control here. However, my hand is not steady enough to draw that many straight lines.

Surely some can do that much better. But that's ok. OK, The selection is ready. Now I click on “Remove”. But I am warning you. That’s not the best result. Why? Because the color has texture here and here another. This gives the algorithm different signals. Therefore, the result is not exactly amazing, But I just want to show you when to use which tool.

If the colors are uniform, the tool is perfect for removing. In this context, you have to use other tools. We could use Photo Cutter which I'll introduce in a moment. This allows you to replace this background with something else. But I like the trees. You could do something with the copier stamp. Try something interesting. I click on the different tools and the selection is retained. That’s cool.

From now on, all we do is in this. Take picture limited to the selection area. Here it is very helpful to use a tool like the clone stamp. But first you have to select the area with the “Remove” tool. Now, let's take a closer look at the copy stamp. We want to clone the area with the trees here and copy the content to another area of the image. First, we click on “Source to duplicate”. If you move the mouse over the picture, a circle will appear instead of the cursor. I click in the tree area. Now the cursor is a plus. This is our reference point. Now I hold down the left mouse button at another point in the picture and drag the mouse. The plus moves with you. The content, that's under the plus will be added to the area.

So, you are painting a whole new area. Hold down the Alt key and click again, the position of the plus changes, So you can use different elements and merge them into a completely new image area. When copying, I'm not going to pretend I can get a great result in the next few minutes achieve, but I can show you how it all works. For example, you can change the brush size with a larger brush. You can cover a larger area at once.

Now you have an idea of how that removal tool works: it eliminates elements, rearranges them and places them. You work with it within an image.

How does Photo Cutter Work

There’s another interesting side to photo editing too. For example, I want to cut the family into another picture. How does that work? At this point, we switch to Photo Cutter. With Photo Eraser to say that again you remove elements from an image and reuse them within the image. But if you want to insert elements from one picture into another or change backgrounds use the Photo Cutter app.

I now want to remove all of the water behind. That works with Photo Cutter quite easy. There are several options. Mark the areas to be removed. Each selection means I don't need this area. As with Photo Eraser the algorithm searches for areas that are similar to the selection and identifies them in the rest of the picture so that they are removed. As you already know, you can change the brush size for more control.

When I hold down the left mouse button, this red line appears and the surrounding content is removed. I'm making the brush a little smaller. Now I paint under the baby and click the other side. You can see in real time how well this works at the same time as the selection. The content is removed in real time. Zoom in to select items which you want to be removed. I'm going to use the lasso tool now to have more control.

Now we have a section: the family is isolated. We can continue to use them in the “Backgrounds”' section in the “photo montage” area. You can put the family in front of a different background. You can click back and forth between the two photos and adjust the size of the family. You can try out backgrounds which you can find in the “Photo Montage”' section.

So, there are a lot of other tools in inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Edition. You can try them by yourself and download a free trial.

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