How To Promote Niche Websites For Promoting Affiliate Products

Hi! It’s Alex here. Today I want to talk about how to promote Niche websites for promoting Affiliate Products. It’s a great question.

It’s a good idea to use sales funnels for this purpose. Learn here what steps you can take to implement this strategy.

How To Promote Niche Websites?

Step 1. Boost Sales in the Initial Step.

Your objective is to keep visitors returning.

If you don’t have trust from your visitors or they just don’t know about your existence, they won’t be able to buy anything from you. So, your first task is to present yourself and show that you are a leader in your industry.

Here are several ideas how you can do this:

1. Start a Blog

All successful marketers and business leaders have their sites or blogs. You can write any articles which are related to your industry or product.

If you don’t know how to create your own blog, read my WP Affiliate Suite Review: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.
You can even write on topics that are slightly related to your niche.

As an example, if you’d like to sell fences, there is a good chance that visitors will show interest in backyard barbecues, and even will be ready to buy them. Just be a little bit creative with the content but don’t go too far into completely different topics so it won’t distract you from promoting your chief product.

When your published articles start appearing in search engines, your potential customers will start finding you and if you offer good solutions for them, they’ll stick to your site and not the competitors’.

start a blog2. Social Networking

Today, a lot of people use social networks when they look for advice, or product reviews. They often want a business to be available for contacting on different social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

They also want to see different tutorials and How-Tos on YouTube and Pinterest.

If you want to have your own authority YouTube channel, check my YT Supremacy Review: how to do affiliate marketing with YouTube.

Social proof builds trust and helps increase conversions. There is a powerful instrument for building social proof and increasing trust called TrustPulse. It’ll also help you increase conversions and sales by up to 15%!

So, build a strong social presence on different platforms and it’ll help you also increase search engine rankings

Idea: Promote your social profiles on your website. You can add different widgets or social network buttons, so your readers will be able to share your content or, for example, like your Facebook page.

3. Pay Per Click Campaigns

Of course, the fastest way to get traffic and leads is paid traffic. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows you to promote your business on other people’s websites. The best part is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

To get the most out of PPC is to direct traffic to a landing page where you can get the visitor’s e-mail using an autoresponder. If you need one check my Getresponse review.

If you want to make a landing page for free, read about GrooveFunnels review. It’s completely FREE!

email marketing4. Traditional Offline Methods

You can also use some traditional offline methods, for example, television commercials, live events, direct mail, and advertising.

You can also find here best affiliate programs for beginners.

Step 2. Increase Conversions in the Consideration Stage

Your task is to get visitors’ email addresses.

When your visitors start recognizing you, for more engagement a good strategy to offer them something valuable for free. Experienced marketers usually use a quality lead magnet. They offer it in exchange for the email address.

This way you “warm” your audience before they are ready to buy the product or service you promote.

5. Landing Pages

Create a landing page on your site with content that solves just one particular problem, and offer a lead magnet in exchange for the email address or you can also directly offer to get your product.

6. Calls to Action

Pages on your site or opt-in pages should have clear call-to-action. Think about what you want your visitors to do after reading your content: do you want them to download something, to subscribe, to complete a contact form, or watch a video.

When you figured it out, insert a call to action several times on the page.

7. Forms

You can also add subscribers to your list using simple contact forms on the site or comment forms. Usually these opportunities are overlooked by most of affiliate marketers.

Place an offer on your site to subscribe to your newsletter if they want to receive updates from you. This method is applied in many successful sales funnels.

Step 3. Boost Conversions When Customers Choose

Target: is to pre-qualify the visitor.

Well, when you got your visitors’ attention, you next step is to explain them what your product or service is. They sure will have questions. Your task is to answer them.

This way you kind of pre-qualify your potential buyer by showing how great your product is, how it can solve customers’ problems. You can do it using this approach.

8. Email

When you got a visitor’s email you can start getting them familiar with your product by sending them a simple email in which you can tell them about your product. A good way is to answer 10 most FAQs about the product. So, you should definitely start email marketing.

9. Use Autoresponder Series

The main purpose of email marketing is to send to your subscribers a series of pre-written letters. You should have messages for at least 30 days. If you do it correctly, you will see how sales start coming.

10. CRM and Sales Integration

To increase conversions, it’s very important to track how your customers interact with your product or content. You can use special software which is called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It allows you to understand what emails to send to your customers based on cookies and retargeting.

Step 4. Boost Sales in the Purchase Stage

Your objective is to get sales.

To make a sale, it usually takes 7 times to show your offer to a buyer. You should clearly show that it’s possible to buy something several times on a page or in your emails.

To get first sales, follow these pieces of advice.

affiliate marketing11. Using eCommerce for Promotion

To make a sale it is necessary to offer it on a constant basis and multiple times so your contacts could buy it. It is necessary to do it as visitors won’t be looking for your checkout page or trying to figure out how to get the product when they land on your page.

Everything should be really simple for your visitors. You can also integrate a live chat function on your page.

You should definitely send emails to your subscribers telling them about your new products, special deals, discounts for holidays.

So, using these simple techniques, you will see an increase in sales.

12. Social Monitoring

You should follow the keywords about your product or brand. This way you can identify clients who showed interest in buying from you. You should interact with people who ask questions, who want to know what advantages your product has over the competition. This interaction can quickly lead to a sale.

Try this technique:

If you know there is such a feature as split-testing or it can be called A/B testing. If you’ve never done it, try. As an example, ClickBank made a Yes/No optin page. They place a Yes button which lead to ClickBank University’s sales page and a No button that simply closed the page.
So, such a page had 21.06% conversion rate. Which is quite great but it wasn’t enough for them.

They made a split test. This time they placed only one button and the conversions rose to 32.67%. So, this slight change lead to much better results.

Step 5. Increase Conversions in the Loyalty Stage

Your goal is to make a sale again.

Ok. If you have subscribers who already bought something from you, then it is much easier to sell them something again. Just follow them, send emails, communicate with them so they won’t forget about you.

13. Referrals

Launch a referral program. It can work this way: if your existing customers invite a new person who makes a purchase, then offer this person a discount on the next purchase. A lot of companies successfully implement this tactic.

14. Upsells and Cross-selling

Upsells is a way a lot of vendors implement in their practice. When someone purchases the main product, they are usually offered a more expensive one after the initial purchase. It can be already done after the checkout or a bit later through a series of emails.

15. Reminders

Remind your clients about important dates associated with your product.

16. Gratitude

Always say thank you to your customers. For example, you can send an e-mail on the customer’s birthday. This way you build long-term relationships with your loyal customers.

So, these were some ways how to promote Niche websites.

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