How To Convert Text To Speech or Voice Online Using VoiceBuddy [Review]

Hey. It’s Alex here. And today I wanna talk about how you can convert text to speech online using VoiceBuddy application and get human sounding voices which are used by Google and Amazon.

What Is VoiceBuddy Text To Speech Software?

VoiceBuddy is a cloud based tool created by Ali G. that allows you to convert text to voice using Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly. It is the first tool that produces natural sounding voices by using Google and Amazon engines.

I know that converting text to speech is very powerful, but it should be done correctly. If you use a bad tool, nothing will work.

I guess that you’ve seen that most text to speech tools just don’t deliver quality results and sound like a robot suffering from dementia.

So, in my opinion the best tool will be VoiceBuddy.

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How Does VoiceBuddy Online Work?

This software works very simply. The best part is that it’s 100% cloud based.

VoiceBuddy doesn’t require you to download or install anything. This works on every device you have.

If you have a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, or Smartphone, it doesn’t matter. If you want to generate speech from text, just simply log in from your device, add your script and click submit.
And in several minutes, you’ll get a new audio file ready.

Ok. Here is how you can create realistic sounding voices:

  1. Log in to the software.
  2. Choose your language and voice from more than a hundred.
  3. Paste your text into Voice Buddy.
  4. Click to generate your audio.

Voice Buddy Features

  • Access to the VoiceBuddy App.
  • Integrated Google Voice Wave Net and Amazon Polly text to voice converters.
  • You will get 141 high quality voices. Nothing comes close to natural sounding speech to text. You can listen to them on the site:

Sample Voices Generated With Google Wave Net

google wave net voices

Sample Voices Generated With Amazon Polly


amazon polly voices

  • There 33 languages you can choose from. The English language isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why the creators included multiple languages inside of VoiceBuddy.
  • You will be able to create unlimited 500 word text-to-speech audio files.

Watch this Product Demo

VoiceBuddy Upsells and OTO’s

The Front End offer is going to cost $37.49 one time.

Upsell 1 VoiceBuddy Pro – $37 one time or 9.97/month. With this upgrade you will get:

  • unlimited length of text to speech voice overs;
  • unlimited length of copy and pasting of text (FE offer is limited to 500 words);
  • text file importing option;
  • import text from any website URL;
  • 108 additional voices.

Upsell 2 Translator – $37.97 one time. This feature will allow you to translate your script into other languages for 30 seconds.

Upsell 3 Custom Video Creator – $47.97 one time. You’ll be able to create videos in a few clicks and it’s also integrated with Pixabay.

Do I Have to Buy the Upsells?

No, you don’t. But in my opinion, Custom Video Creator upgrade is a great feature.

Where Can I Buy VoiceBuddy?

You can get it on JVzoo. Just go to the link below.

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Are There Any Coupons and Discounts?

During the initial launch there are always huge discount. To check for the best price or buy, go to the link above..

Who is It for?

VoiceBuddy is perfect even for newbies as it’s incredibly easy to use. Even if you have no technical skills! But if you want some advanced features, you’ll get all the necessary training inside.

My Voice Buddy Review Conclusion

It’s a great product if you want to create videos for affiliate marketing and don’t want to read, for example, product descriptions, etc. So, I highly recommend you to get it and use for full potential.


Firstly, I am not going to offer you tens of bonuses which you are never going to use. Instead, I’ll give you my exclusive high quality bonus on How to build authority YouTube channels for affiliate marketing.

You’ll also get all the vendor bonuses:

  1. Commercial License Upgrade At No Extra Cost!
  2. Fiverr Gig Templates
  3. A Complete Done For You Audio Service Sales Website
  4. VSL Script Templates
  5. Voice Buddy Audio TO Video Merger App

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