Best Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing for 2021: Getresponse Review 2021

Hey, it’s Alex here. And today I am going to talk about, in my opinion, best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing for 2021.

I’ll give you a complete tutorial on how to use Getresponse – email marketing system I’ve chosen for my affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it’s one of the best email platforms online and I think it’s perfect for beginners.

So what I want to do is jump into Getresponse and show you how to use it step by step. I want to give you an updated version of this and how you can go out and use Getresponse in your business to not only make money but build a huge customer base and email list, so you can keep making money for years to come.

Getresponse features

The reason I like Getresponse is simple: it’s got a free 30-day trial with no credit card required.


It’s super easy for beginners to use. That’s why I like it, because when I was looking for email platforms, I was a beginner. I found that Getresponse was the easiest to use. It’s got the best automation system, in my opinion, especially for beginners.

And the best part, it’s friendly for affiliate marketing. You can promote your affiliate links. The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is a lot of email marketing platforms will not let you send affiliate links to build your email list. You get banned and lose everything.

You’ve got to really be careful of that. Getresponse will let you promote affiliate links, it’s when you have a link for someone else’s product and you get a commission. You can do that with Getresponse and you can do more than just email marketing. You can do all sorts of things like landing pages and stuff like that.

I’ve heard that other email marketing softwares like, for example, MailChimp, don’t really support affiliate marketing, which is why a lot of affiliate marketers actually changed to GetResponse.

With Getresponse you can do email marketing, marketing, automation, that’s when you send emails automatically and you don’t have to touch them. You can create landing pages and you can also do webinars. If you want to do webinars, which are quite popular now, you can integrate it with pretty much any platform.

Getresponse Demo Video

Getresponse pricing

So, let’s check out Getresponse and the pricing and then I’ll show you how to use it. Once you go to the home page, you’ll be able to sign up for a free trial.

On the screenshot you can see the pricing. If you’re new to this, first of all $15 a month is the cheapest really around for a list size of 1000 people or less.

Best Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

I suggest you to start with this plan. As you grow, you can always upgrade. So, here is a list of all features for $15.

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited automation templates
  • Sales funnels (1 funnel)
  • Unlimited lead funnels
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sell e-products

The best part here is that we get what we call autoresponders, which is like you can send out emails automatically.

So that’s the pricing. It’s the cheapest around for the best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing.


Getresponse Review: How Does Getresponse Work

So, let me explain to you what you are going to be using if you’re a beginner. You’re definitely going to be using email marketing. You are definitely going to be using email autoresponders if you’re on the $15 plan.

There’re a few things we need to do before we get started and number one is simple: we need to actually go over to my account section and go to manage account. Okay and you want to go down to email addresses and you want to go to add email address. You need to add an email address, so you can actually send emails. Okay, so go and add in an email address there and then you can go and send out emails completely.

getresponse email account


adding email

How to create a list on Getresponse

Okay, let’s now create a list. Just click List section. Here you can create a new list or if you already have contacts, add them the Getresponse. You can’t use capital letters and you can’t use spaces, so keep that in mind. Now we have an email list and when I go and do things like set up landing pages and stuff like that, I can connect it to this email list.

Once you’ve created a new list or added your existing email list, you can set up the emails that you wanna send out to your subscribers.

how to create a list in getresponse

Creating an email

To write and design your emails you’ll be using the drag and drop email editor within GetResponse, Whether you create an email for a newsletter, an autoresponder or an automation message, you’ll always go through the email editor to create it. You can choose from tons of different templates for all kinds of different sectors.

Personally, I find all of them look quite professional and if you have a company and wanna send out such kind of newsletters, it’s really easy to just change the text and get a well-designed newsletter within a couple of minutes.

Personally, I like my email to look a little bit more personal, which is why I mostly start with a blank template and just add some text without a lot of designs. Inside of the editor, you can drag a text box into your Canvas and edit the text. There’re also other things you can add to your email like, for example, images, buttons or social media links. You’ll also get a preview of what your email will look like when opening it from a smartphone.

Within GetResponse there are basically three different ways you can automate your emails. The first one is by sending out a simple newsletter. This is a onetime email that you can send out to all of your subscribers approximately at the same time, because you want to let them know about a current event. I, for example, send out newsletter emails to my subscribers whenever I upload a new video on YouTube.

A cool thing you can do here is use the feature – perfect timing. GetResponse actually tracks whenever your email subscribers open your emails and then determines the best time to send out your email to each individual subscriber. So, by activating the perfect timing feature for your newsletter, you can pretty easily increase your open rates by just clicking this button, and it also helps to not end up in the spam folder, because you’re not sending out all of the emails at once.

Setting up an autoresponder

The second way of automating your emails is by using the autoresponder. This is a very simple way of setting up an email sequence. So what you can do, for example, is prepare five emails that you wanna send out over the course of five days to everyone who signs up to your newsletter.

Just create a new autoresponder for a specific list and add the five emails. Then, whenever somebody’s added to your email list, those five emails will be sent out in the order and time period that you’ve set up.

Go to Create and choose Create autoresponder. On the next page set a name, choose your list and when to send. If you set zero then your email goes out immediately when a person signs up to your list. After it you can design your message. You can choose a template or a design it from scratch. That’s basically all you need to know about setting up an autoresponder in Getresponse.

how to create an autoresponder

autoresponder create

autoresponder design

If you have a $49 plan then you have an option to use automation builder which is the 3rd option of automating your e-mails. There you can create a whole e-mail workflow for your e-mail subscribers. Here’s an example of what you can do with this function.

So, we begin with the 1st block which includes everybody who signed up for a particular e-mail list to this workflow. Then we wish to right away send them a first message, which is our welcome e-mail with a link to our totally free ebook, for instance. What you can do then is include a condition to check who in fact opened this e-mail. To everybody who didn’t read the e-mail, you will send out the exact same e-mail once again after 2 days simply with another title.

Then everybody who does wind up opening any of the initial e-mails is going further into e-mail series. One day later you’ll send the next e-mail. The ones who didn’t read any of your first 2 e-mails will be instantly taken out from your list due to the fact that those are inactive contacts or phony e-mail addresses.

You can likewise include conditions checking if subscribers clicked any link in the message and after that assign tags to those who do. By doing this you can segment your list and send out customers down an e-mail series that is personalized based upon the actions that the e-mail customer takes.

Another fantastic function is the splitter to split test various e-mail titles and messages. So, for instance, you can send out 50% of your readers one e-mail and to the other 50% you send out another e-mail and after that look at the statistics to learn what e-mail works the best.

You can actually get insane within this e-mail automation function and you can in fact make e-mail workflows that continue for months and keep making you cash on auto-pilot by marketing various products for your customers. I hope this fast example provides you a summary of what you can do with the e-mail automation.

How to use tracking in Getresponse

Another essential function within GetResponse is the tracking. For every single e-mail you send, you get data for the number of subscribers who really got your e-mail, the number who opened it, the number of subscribers who clicked any of the links and the number of subscribers who unsubscribed from your e-mail list after opening the e-mail. These are all important metrics that you need to study to know what really resonates with your audience and what does not.

When you return to the dashboard and click reports, you have access to a lot more analytics and details about your e-mail customers – things like demographics, various devices or registration methods.

Landing Pages

Getresponse in addition has a tool that you can use to create landing page forms and questionnaires. I personally just make use of the landing page tool which works rather similarly to the drag and drop e-mail editor. There you likewise have lots of various designs you can select from. Creating a landing page is rather simple and you do have all the essential functions you need.


Nowadays, you can in fact use GetResponse as an all-in-one e-mail marketing service. That’s why I consider it the best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing for 2021. They not long ago brought in a function called Autofunnel that permits you to make sales funnels and basically do anything from Facebook ads to landing pages and checkout pages within GetResponse.

I personally have not tried out this function yet, so I can’t say you how well it really works, however I do like to have the possibility to have all the elements of a sales funnel within one software application, which ought to make it a lot simpler to incorporate everything.

Things I have actually also never used is the webinar tool and the CRM function. But for a beginning affiliate marketer you do not need all these advanced features.

Something that I can discuss is their 24-hour support, which, in my experience, works effectively. Whenever I have any concerns, I simply click the chat box on the left side and enter my concern. There’s regularly somebody online who can address my concerns and likewise assist me out with screenshots and even brief video tutorials tailored to my concerns.

Like I stated they do have a 30-day cost-free trial. So, you can test the software application with all the functions and you do not even need to provide the credit card details. When you set up an account then after this 1 month, if you like the software application, you can pick one of the 4 offered plans: the basic, the plus, the professional or the enterprise plan. For very basic e-mail marketing the basic plan will suffice to get going.

Getresponse Review conclusion

My conclusion is Getresponse is the best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing for 2021 as it allows you to promote your affiliate links without getting banned.


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