Avatar Builder Review: Best 3D Video Animation Software For Creating Avatars

Hi! It’s Alex here and welcome to my Avatar Builder review. In this article I will tell you about Avatar Builder upsells, bonuses and pricing. I will also show you the demo video of how everything works.

What Is Avatar Builder?

Now let’s get to my Avatar Builder Review. Avatar Builder is the first cutting-edge 3D animation software that allows you to create animated videos just in a few seconds. So, if you go to this link, you will be taken to the page where you can read in more detail about this video application.

Avatar Builder is an artificial intelligence scene creator, a decent pixel-style 3D editor. There are thousands of ready-made video templates. It’s a great:

  • logo mapping technology,
  • open canvas,
  • custom video maker,
  • text to speech technology,
  • one-click language translation,
  • speech to text transcription,
  • millions of free images and videos,
  • copyright free music library,
  • 720 pixels hd videos,
  • step by step training,
  • 6 minutes maximum video length.

With a commercial license you can sell these videos. You will get Facebook group access, skype mentorship and eight-week training webinars.

Avatar Builder Demo Video

Avatar Builder Pricing

So, Avatar Builder is gonna cost you just $67 dollars one-time payment.

Best 3D Video Animation Software Upsells

After reading the main information in Avatar Builder Review, you definitely want to know if there are any additional offers. Yes, this best 3D video animation software has several upsells. A few words about them.

FE offer – $67 dollars.

Upgrade 1. AvatarBuilder Elite ($49 one time). You will get:

  • new 3D avatars monthly for one year,
  • five new premium 3D avatars unlocked immediately,
  • premium text effects, animations and fonts,
  • premium stock images, video asset library
  • unlimited background removal
  • premium slide transitions
  • 200 premium music files library,
  • VIP customer support,
  • premium rendering amazon cloud server,
  • priority video rendering,
  • priority access to future app updates.

Upgrade 2. Avatar Builder Agency ($67 one time). You will be able to double your video length up to 12 minutes, get 1080 pixel video renders, and ready-made human voiceovers.

You can convert any audio to a video. You will get five extra accounts for virtual workers or a family. You will get 150 000 video scripts and articles and step-by-step videos on how to sell videos for top dollar.

Upgrade 3. Avatar Builder template hub ($39 one time). You will get:

  • brand new video templates from the hottest niches added to your account for one year,
  • unlock 500 plus new templates immediately.

Upgrade 4. Voice pro upgrade. You will unlock 100 plus premium male and female text-to-speech voices in the most popular languages and accents. Instant download to 400 human voiceovers. You can download the voiceovers and use them in other video apps. So these are upgrades.

Avatar Builder Discount

In this Avatar Builder review, you can learn about the discounts. You can use this coupon “AVATAR” and get $18 OFF!

How Avatar Builder Works

Ccontinue reading my Avatar Builder review. The first step is to choose one of the text effects that would happen when you want to create a video by simply copy pasting a text. I mean you get an article. You can get a blog post or any text and convert it into a 3D animation, explainer video, and in a long-form, sales video as well, which again is really powerful. Now, how you do this?

You pick one of the scenes. You can just hover over your mouse and it’s going to show you a whole bunch of actual video styles. There are typewriter, box text, isometric text styles. You can get these animations literally by pasting a bunch of scripts and of course, once you choose this option, you also get a bunch of templates to choose from.

video type

Choose one of the options, for example, static one. Then click next and then you’ll be offered a bunch of options. You have a blank canvas which is a little bit more custom way of doing videos, or you can choose one of the templates.

Normally, you might see a hundred, a couple of hundred or fifty templates. Choose one, for example, animal trainer, and click next and you can choose one of the built-in 3D avatars. When you’ve chosen one, you’ll have a ready-made voice-over pre-selected for that particular avatar.

animal trainer

You can use text-to-speech and there are a whole bunch of text-to-speech voices. Here you’ll be able to edit the script to your heart’s desire.

On this tab you can import an audio and it’s going to convert that speech into text. Every single audio that you import or create will be lip-synced for the avatar and the text will also be positioned with transitions. So, you’ll be actually able to create a video either from audio from any text that you paste or any ready-made voice-over and so on.

choosing voiceover

Let’s choose a ready-made voiceover and click next. On the next screen everything will be done automatically. You will have a whole bunch of video slides and scenes created automatically, using machine learning. No matter what script you write it’s gonna find out when to do the line spacing to make it really slick and professional.

You also have some font choices that you can use. Click next once you’re happy with editing. Now you can change the text color, meaning it’s going to change the text color across for the entire video. You can change the box color. You can also upload your company logo.

On the next screen you can customize the avatar to your heart’s desire. You can turn off or turn on the hair. You can give another hairstyle and so on and so forth. You can change the beard, remove the beard, add a bigger beard.

avatar customize

You can change eyebrows, even fingernail color, the color of the lips, the body, the box that it’s holding. In a nutshell, you can change everything.

On the next step, the app generates the entire scenes for you. Here you can change the background media from the media library. You can also put a video background to slides. There is also an option to delete the background from the image. And everything is automatically updated for a particular scene and then you go to the next scene and do what you want or you can apply it to all scenes by clicking apply all.

If you want to upload a new background, you can clear a particular scene and upload a new background.

You can also choose a video background and the app will automatically manage it. It’ll crop it, sort it and all that stuff intelligently, so that it’s gonna be a beautiful video background and you can add multiple video backgrounds.

You can do the close-up of the avatar. Or you can remove the avatar by clicking none. You can choose the avatar to be on the right, for example, or you can do all these positionings as well depending on the styles that you’ve chosen for the text automatically. The software gives you suggestions where to position, what to do and so on. So, you don’t have to do any thinking on your part.

So, the app does all the thinking for you. So, you don’t have to do any of that thinking yourself, which is powerful. You can even do it in such a way where you can do combinations. You can have an avatar to the right and close up. You can have the avatar not close up in another scene, and then you have total choices here and then all these scenes are automatically created.

After all the customization, click next and then put a project name and render it out in full HD.

After the video is created, you have three options:

  1. you can download it by clicking the download button to your right,
  2. you can clone this project and create another one,
  3. you can even go back and edit it and re-render it again.

Avatar Builder Conclusion

There are many other features available in the app. All those secret features and stunning features built-in will be shown in the member’s area. For example, the text creates a 3d animated video and you create any kind of output, and because of the fact that you can create video backgrounds, you can add all kinds of cool stuff. What happens is you can bring videos from other apps into this as well, which is extraordinarily powerful.

The developers add every single day animated templates, mock-up templates and so on and so forth. So, you can create videos of any kind with Avatar Builder. That’s the kind of flexibility that this app gives you. You can change a bunch of text, you can change a few things and you’re good to go in just a few minutes. Powerful stuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading Avatar Builder review and start creating beautiful videos with Avatar Builder.

Avatar Builder Review Bonuses

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